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12v Performance Intake Valve


Model: VAL12SI
Manufacturer: Supertech

Price: $138.00

Set of 6 Supertech OE spec intake valves for 6cyl 12v motor
12v RACE Lifter set

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Manufacturer: Eurospec Sport

Price: $289.00

Finally, here's an easy way to convert from hydraulic to solid liter cams. No longer will 7000 rpms be the practical rev limit! So long as ... more info
12v Ti Retainers


Model: TIRET312
Manufacturer: Supertech

Price: $169.00

Set of 12 retainers for 6cyl 12v motors VR6 12v (7mm Stem) Nearly half the weight of a stock retainer, these are a simple and effective way to remove ... more info
12v VR6 264/ 260 (Street)


Model: 109.064
Manufacturer: Techtonics Tuning

Price: $440.00

VR6 camshaft set 264°/260° Chilled hardened billets. HD Valve Springs recommended. Includes cam locking fixture plate. ... more info
12v VR6 276 (Sport/ Mild Race)


Model: 109.585
Manufacturer: Techtonics Tuning

Price: $469.00

VR6 276° Cam Set. Chilled hardened billets. HD Valve Springs required. Includes cam locking fixture plate. (235°/234° duration @.050", ... more info
12v VR6 288 (Race)


Model: 109.063S
Manufacturer: Techtonics Tuning

Price: $585.00

Techtonics VR6 288° RACE Hydraulic/Solid Lifter camshaft set. Not for standard engines. Made from chill-hardened billets. HD Valve Springs ... more info

Manufacturer: Schimmel Performance

Price: $419.00

Party time! -all the 12V VR6 adjustable cam gears you need!!! Finally you can eliminate chain slack when degreeing cams to dial in the preferred ... more info
12v VR6 Cam Locking Fixture


Model: 832.253
Manufacturer: Techtonics Tuning

Price: $39.00

This HD fixture locks the cam to loosen and torque the VR6 12v cam bolt. Made from 1/2" steel plate. Works on both long and short cams.
12x1.5x50mm Wheel Stud


Model: 1255005
Manufacturer: H&R

Price: $6.50

Convert from bolt mounting style to a stud mounting style.
13-row cooler (Street Fighter series)

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Manufacturer: US Rally Team

Price: $89.00

USRT Street Fighter heat exchangers grew up on the slightly rougher side of the race track. What they trade off in paint refinement, they more than ... more info
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