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Real cars! Real roads! REALLY FAST!
What is the "Usually Sideways Rally Team"?

The Northeast is blessed with some of the U.S.A.'s best back roads. Technical and challenging to master, they are famous for their sinuous twists, elevation changes, and mixed-quality surfaces. For as long as most of us have been driving, we've enjoyed pushing the limit on these rural byways. And, since 1996, USRT members have competed in rally championships where the motto is: "Real Cars. Real Roads. Really Fast!"

  USRT is best known for supplying fuel system parts to the VW/ Audi tuning community (injectors, pumps, regulators, etc.) as well as complete fuel-related technical guidance. In addition we provide intake manifolds, standalone engine management, shifter kits, limited slip differentials, clutches, and other hardcore products. However, we are also very open to new ideas and suggestions. -especially from fabricators and small volume manufacturers! If you have a unique product or service to market, we would love to hear from you.
This website is intended to be a technical resource. Thorough product descriptions, formulas, databases, and other aids all cater to the hardcore enthusiast. We believe that the best customers are always well-educated about the products and modifications that they are considering.

Submissions are also welcomed from knowledgeable individuals and tuners. Pretensions and politics put aside, we want this site to offer substance and value to all.
  None of this would be possible without the crew of fabricators, graphic designers, engineers, and racers who support our cause. Thank you for your technical expertise and for the exposure which has brought us this far.

Given USRT's combination of fresh imagery, solid reputation, and business savvy, we have what it takes to both captivate and motivate the grassroots tuner market.

Please join the Team!

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