SMARTSHIFT2 Linkage kit

  • Model: SHIFTMK2
Date Added: 03/09/2022

5 stars

This is HANDS DOWN one of the best products on the market for any 020 equipped car.
020 linkage is one of the most overlooked links after adding power.
Its not that the 020 is weak and cant hold power, it just needs parts like this to ensure you don't money shift your car on the track or on a launch.
With out this 1-2, 2-3, 3-4,4-5 all seem impossible to get in under any harsh conditions from so much chassis, suspension and of course shift lever components twisting under force.
Now it is like an almost gate like style feel and no more second guessing.
It does take some work to align but if you've swapped an 020 before, you know its a chore just in the factory parts. This simplifies it and adds so much added durability.
Don't hesitate to buy this if you have an 020 5 speed transmission, it shouldve come from the factory this way
by James W.

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