USRT "V-WALK" Turbo Manifold


Very nice quality manifold and easy to install with any transverse mount 1.8T KO3 or K04 turbo. I used this on my 96 ABA GTI along with the supplied Genesis 415cc injectors, K03/35 turbo ($200!), custom 3" downpipe, USRT long runner intake manifold, MK3 TDI intercooler, 1.8T DV, C2 Motorsports Stage 2 chip, MK4 camshaft, South Bend Stage 2 daily clutch, 2.5mm head gasket, and ARP head studs. This made for an extremely driveable and super-fast spooling car. I'm only running 7psi currently, but I will say it feels like a well running 1.8T with a lot more bottom end and a good bit quicker than a 12v VR6 in the lower and upper mid range. Definitely expect it to feel even better than a VR once I install the boost controller and knock it up to the 11-15psi range along with a direct port water/meth system.
Date Added: 01/11/2017 by Jared Walker
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