Peloquin 020 80% Shim Kit


A Peloquin 80% kit is probably the best bang for the buck improvement you can do for any car with an 020 (non-hydrolic clutch) transmission. You don't need to have a modified motor, or an aggressive driving style to feel the traction gained by installing this kit. It's a relatively easy (1hr) install for an experienced DIY'er, with the only challenges being reinstallation of the snap rings, and having to overcome the smell of transmission oil (if you're not already familiar with it's stench).

After installing the kit, you'll notice that while turning, your inside wheel does not tend to spin in wet or slippery conditions. When coming out of a turn, the driver will need to straighten out the wheel, as it will no longer allow you to "just let go to go straight". So, other than needing to change your driving style to a more "active steering" approach, the confidence gained with this shim kit will put you at ease in both day to day and bad weather driving.
Date Added: 10/27/2011 by Nater Kane
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