Genesis2 330cc FOGGER - (16V/AEB & AGU 1.8T/VR6 12V)

  • Model: INJG2330
Date Added: 12/31/2015

5 stars

The Genesis II Foggers are hands down the best injectors I have ever used in any of my cars and I will continue to use them in all of my builds from here on. I'm currently running them in my AEB 1.8T and I will be purchasing a larger set for my 2.0L stroker. Straight out of the box I was impressed with the craftsmanship. These are very nice looking injectors. Upon installation, there was an immediate improvement in idle quality and a deeper more aggressive tone from the exhaust. Low rpm throttle response is crisp and instant, and turbo lag is almost eliminated. Emissions testing shows the engine is burning cleaner and fuel economy has risen almost 2 mpg. I've noticed more low end torque as well as more mid range power and they have also eliminated the annoying mid range surging during cruising that I have noticed with many other injectors. The price can't be beat either. For a performance street car, these are the best bang for your buck. All in all, these injectors were a perfect compliment to all of the other performance mods I have done so far and I will recommend them to anyone. Scott has once again exceeded my expectations.
by Ben Hess

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