GENIUSPACK2 Master kit

Date Added: 05/25/2013

5 stars

I ordered this product for my track/weekend driver car because I had shifting issues while pushing it on the track. After reading a few reviews from the Vortex (and a good 30 min talk with Scott of USRT), I decided this was what I needed. The kit came very fast and looked great right out of the package. -definitely well-made stuff. So that evening I put on just the shift weight which was noticeably heavier then the weighted VW shift rod I had (close to a pound). Then, I drove around for a bit. Per discussion with Scott, I went at it with a 1 piece at a time approach. This seemed to be the best way to have it adjust right. This went well for the shift rod part. To do anything else, I had to go all in. I'm pretty good with stuff like this. So, with hack saw in hand, I worked my way through the linkage and all was well. The whole job took me about 2 hours. I've been told this was a bit faster then most (over achiever). With one small adjustment to the linkage after all was installed, the car shifts great and has a solid feel to it. The kit lets you know 100% that you're locked in gear. So, thanks a ton, Scott and USRT, for this product. I'm definitely looking forward to my next track outing a lot more. I know I wont be holding back due to being unsure about shifting!
by Justin Bayliss

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