Front Control Arm Rear Bearing (Street/Rally/Race: MK2-MK4)

Stock control arm bushings are soft and promote torque steer under heavy throttle. When turning, unwanted toe angles cause the chassis to wander rather than follow the driver's instructions. They also bind when the suspension moves up and down. This increases ride harshness. -especially at low ride heights.

Powerflex control arm (VW MK2-4)  bearing Powerflex bushing PFF85-414 for VW MK2-4

Solve ALL that with these free-moving bearings. The heavy duty heim joints (a.k.a. "rose joint" or "pillow ball") are suspended in polyurethane for a perfect blend of racing precision and real world compliance.

Powerflex PFF85-414 (VW MK2, MK3, MK4)

In operation, the result is radically sharpened turn-in response and reduced torque steer when hammering hard. Those with slammed suspensions will be doubly satisfied by the improvement in ride quality.Powerflex kit PFF85-414 (VW MK2, MK3, MK4)

These parts are sold in pairs.

bushings position diagram for VW MK2 - MK4


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  • Model: PFF85-414 x2
  • Manufactured by: Powerflex

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