Rear Beam Mounting Bushings

  • Model: PFR85-220 x2
  • Manufactured by: Powerflex


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You're a hard-charging street driver that might do do autocross or track events on weekends? If so, predictable handling at the traction limit is needed. But, you won't tolerate a jarring ride or demands for continuous maintenance. OEM rear beam bushings are squishy to start with and dry rot or otherwise loose over time. Ditch these worn out parts and replace with these rigid parts from Powerflex!

Brake much more deeply and aggressively into corners while the car tells you what's going on regarding rear traction. Enjoy more consistent handling at mid-corner when loads are highest on the tires. Soft rubber bushings deflect under load and allow suspension geometry to distort terribly. -not so with stiff polyurethane.

Ride quality is not affected much compared to stock parts except on choppy surfaces where harshness does increase. Noise and vibration are not changed substantially. Put these to work with our Camber/Caster Plates and Front Control Arm Bushing kits for an ultimate street and light race setup.

These bushings are sold in the required number for one car for the specified location.

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