Manifold Kit for Dual 044 Surge Tank

  • Model: IEST_044MAN
  • Manufactured by: Integrated Engineering


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These fuel distribution manifolds go with our dual surge tanks and make plumbing two Bosch 044 fuel pumps a breeze. The stock check valves are retained which allows the pumps to be triggered independently. (Typically check valves are removed, since the required fittings are unfamilar to most builders and hard to find.) Maximum benefits can be had by triggering one 044 normally (relayed from the stock in-tank power source) and the other with a boost pressure switch. The check valves ensure that fuel cannot flow back through the non-energized pump and weaken system pressure. Additionally, at start up it is no longer necesarry to repeatedly crank the starter (to bring up the fuel pressure).

Features: Red anodized finish
-6AN o-ring boss outlet
Includes necessary hardware to merge output from two pumps
-6AN or -8AN Outlet adapter included*

*Note 1: -6AN recommended for high-pressure/small injector applications
(benefit: superior torque, clean emissions, enhanced fuel efficiency, smooth idle, sharpened throttle response)

*Note2: -8AN recommended for conventional applications

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