Billet Surge Tank- Submerged 044


Surge tanks are essential additions to all competition cars. They ensure that fuel is always available when the engine needs it most -such as during high-g cornering and acceleration. This otherwise requires a fuel cell which is not street legal. These surge tank systems make fuel cells unnecessary with respects to fuel availability/delivery.

They also make sense for street vehicles with radically-prepared engines. When demand is extreme, these single pump systems deliver massive amounts of fuel -enough for boosted small displacement engines to reliably produce up to about 600hp.

Even cars with lower output engines can benefit by running exagerated fuel pressures (e.g. 6 or even 10bar). This may be set via a special order FueLab regulator and paired with special smaller injectors (available through USRT). Increased fuel pressure compensates for the reduced flow rating, and desired flow is retained. However, atomization becomes extraordinarily fine. Droplet size will more closely resemble that from a carburetor. The resut is a significant surge in low to midrange torque as well as radically cleaner exhaust emissions .


Surge tanks work by filling up with fuel from the OEM in tank pump. The heavy duty pump draws from this reservoir. Fuel is only returned to the main tank when the surge tank is 100% full, thus providing a steady supply of fuel.

(High-pressure fuel pump conventionally plumbed in series with surge tank)

Traditionally, the surge tank is just a can with various inputs and outputs for fuel. We stepped that up a level with solutions for 2 different problems in mind. This tank houses a Bosch 044 over 75% inside the tank, using the fuel itself to muffle the noise. It also cools the pump in this manner for extra reliability and more consistent fuel/pressure curve.

The CNC-machined front cover plate is carefully engineered . It accepts and locates the Bosch pumps with an o- ring seals. Provisions for 3 x -6AN o-ring boss inputs/outputs for are supplied to accept your finishing plumbing. The result is a leak-proof system that will last the car's lifetime even under rally/race conditions. Attention has been paid to fine details: The back of this plate is fully pocketed to remove excess weight. A red anodized / CNC-machined clamp plate is included to retain the pump.


Innovative pump in tank design muffles the pump
3 x -6AN o-ring Boss in/out
Red Anodized pump clamp plate included
Tank is black wrinkle powder coated
Stainless mount hardware and pump clamp hardware included
Vibration damping mounts included


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  • Model: TNKSRG1044
  • Manufactured by: Genesis

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