MK5 / MK6 (2009-2014) - TORQUE ARM INSERT - STAGE 1

Under hard acceleration, the pendulum mount (commonly referred to as the "dogbone" or by VW as the "torque arm") acts to limit rotational movement of the engine - The factory bushings do a satisfactory job, while limiting vibrations, but only during sedate driving conditions. When pushed hard those bushings flex creating a vauge feeling in the engine and gearbox, and adding to the dreaded "wheel hop" phenomenon.

Our pendulum mount torque arm insert fills the voids in the stock rubber bushing, making what was a soft rubber bushing with voids into what behaves like a solid mount. With the insert installed, you will notice that throttle response will feel better and your shifts will feel more crisp and defined, especially on manual transmission cars.

BFI MK5 & MK6 VW Torque Arm Insert (EBFI78-Q5-021)

Each insert comes with one laser cut washer, one ring washer and a replacement bolt. Everything you need to replace the existing pendulum mount hardware.

Note: Fits all 09+ platform vehicles including GTI/GLI, Rabbit, Jetta 2.5, Jetta TDI, Tiguan, and Passat as well as Audi TT (Mk2) and A3.


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  • Model: EBFI78-Q5-021
  • Manufactured by: Black Forest Industries

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