Boost Cooler Stage 2 MAF (2.0l 8VT, 1.8T, VR6)

The Stage 2 water/methanol injection system (for gasoline-powered engines) includes all the basic parts needed to start making big HP! A full 80% of our customers choose this classic kit. Proper setup ensures superior power output, increased safety margin, reduced stress, and much-improved driveability. The engine load-referencing controller is truly the "special sauce" of a basic but modern water/methanol injection system.

Expect 50degF+ drops in intake temperature and effective octane boost to about 100. (Non-intercooled engines will typically enjoy even greater reductions in air temperatures.) Includes: MAF-based variable controller that varies the quantity injected vs. air flow for the smoothest power curve possible. Also equipped with 300 psi high volume pump, 3qt reservoir, two spray nozzles, Bosch relay, all electrical parts, fittings, tubing etc. to install a complete kit.

Those running positive displacement superchargers or very fast-spooling turbos on 1.8T engines (e.g. smaller than GT28) should utilize MAF because the signal output is more linear. Big turbo 1.8T with laggier chargers are better-served with MAP actuation for more accurate injection over a wide manifold pressure range. This is featured in the Boost Cooler Stage 2 (TSI/FSI).

Nozzles MUST be sized properly to match total fuel flow, boost levels, and intercooling setup. Please contact USRT for help with this critical aspect of kit configuration. Other companies randomly provide nozzles that they have in stock with the lazy and false assumption that "one size fits all" applications. They abandon the user to to determine final setup on their own via trial and error. Dyno time is expensive and so are engine internals. Consult with our tech support to get it right from the very beginning.

Special Note: The controller in this kit only sees up to 19psi. Those running more than about 23 should highly consider the new Stage2 VC-50 system. It sees up to 50psi for full protection at elevated manifold pressures. Really serious builders should head directly to our Stage 11 options and not look back.

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  • Model: SPS2/212
  • Manufactured by: Snow Performance

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