Wastegate Solenoid

  • Model: SPBSNOID/30100
  • Manufactured by: Snow Performance


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This solenoid allows a failsafe system to decrease the boost pressure of a turbocharged vehicle in the event of an improper flow situation. When the module detects such a condition, a 12V signal is sent on the green wire to one of the black wires of the solenoid. By allowing direct pressure to reach the wastegate, the vehicle will run the lowest boost pressure possible.


The boost signal from the turbo goes to the #2 port. The #3 port goes to the inlet of a boost controller or stock boost control solenoid. The outlet of that boost control device  is connected to the t-fitting. The #1 port on the SafeInjection solenoid connects to another port on the t-fitting. Then, finally, the third port on the t-fitting is connected to the wastegate. Electrical setup is even easier. Just give one wire a solid ground and splice the other into the green wire from the Safeinjection harness. -simple, easy, and proven effective!

Use in conjunction with the Snow SafeInjection or AEM FAILSAFE device. Go with this 3-pin relay for any high-draw components.

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