An original product from another century, the CRACKPIPE got this product line started in 1999. We machine our pipe to EXACTLY match the OEM part shape so there is NEVER a fitment issue. Be careful when considering lesser pipes that do not match the exact shape of the OEM pipe. The fitment of this part is tricky and the shape MUST BE IDENTICAL to the OEM part to ensure correct alignment between the water pump and thermo housing.

Our pipe is machined from super light and super strong 6061-T651 aluminum with TIG welded and full threaded bungs on both the oil cooler feed nipple(s) and the drain plug (no tapped thin wall regions!). Our Modular Pipe allows you to remove the oil cooler feed nipple(s) and plug with standard ¼ NPT plugs if you want to ditch the problematic OEM factory oil cooler and install a more serious air/oil cooler. Likewise, you can also install a temp sender in the plug location, or opt for our plated drain valve to make coolant flushes quick and easy.

VW VR6 coolant crackpipe, USRT Gruven VR6 crack pipe installed

We have owned, operated, and tracked VR6’s for a long time and have considered many features when designing this part. You do not want to have to do this job more than once, and you surely do not want the flimsy plastic version to leave you stranded (or worse : turn your high strung VR6 into an overheated paperweight). Do this job once the right way and you’ll never need to worry about a pipe failure again.

Crackpipe DIY Installation

Gruven CRACKPIPE VR6 cooling upgrade

The 12v version replaces OEM p/n 021-121-050C (021121050C) and 021-121-050E (021121050E) found in 12v VR6 : VW Corrado, Golf, Jetta, Passat, and Eurovan.

The 24v version replaces OEM p/n 022-121-050 (022121050) and 022-121-085 (022121085) found in 24v VR6 : VW R32(MK4-MK5), Golf, Jetta, Eurovan, EOS, Audi : 3.2L V6 TT and A3.

The Touareg/Cayenne versions replaces OEM p/n 022-121-085A (022121085A) and 022-121-050A (022121050A) found in 3.2L Porsche Cayenne and VW Touareg.


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  • Model: COOLCPIPE
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