Crank Pulley (VR6 12V)

Lose the boat anchor of the Audi and VW VR6 steel crank pulley with this 500 gram lightweight billet aluminum version. It is the lightest crank pulley out there and will allow the engine to spool up faster while preventing inertial losses caused by the overweight OEM pulley. It has been proven by countless hours of track abuse in normally aspirated, turbocharged, and supercharged VR6 engines (WILL NOT VOID SUPERCHARGER WARRANTIES!).

Gruven VR6 12V pulley set

Ours HAS BEEN TESTED THOROUGHLY ON TRACK at RPM’s far exceeding redline. The VR6 motors are INTERNALLY BALANCEDand do not require expensive, heavy dampened crank pulleys. The factory pulley comes with a thin layer of rubber because it is cheaper to manufacture, and reduces very little vibration at idle inside the car. There is no benefit to it off idle. You Simply Will Not Ever Go Back to a Heavy Crank Pulley After Installing This One! . Ours comes with a specially machined replacement key for a perfect fit. Fits Mk2, Mk3, and Mk4 VW VR6 engines and replaces P/N 021-105-243 (021105243).


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  • Manufactured by: Gruven

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