Billet Oil Filter Housing (VW/Audi VR6 + V8)

Never break the flimsy plastic oil filter housing again. Eliminate the unsightly leaks created by the cheaply made (yet expensive) plastic OEM housing cracking and weeping on VR6 and V8 engines.

This product is intended to replace VW/Audi parts 021-115-433A (021115433A), 021-115-433B (021115433B), and 021-115-433E (021115433E) housings. Please check the OEM part number of your oil filter housing before ordering. This is easily confirmed via local dealer phone call and providing a VIN.

First, we start with a massive chunk of Aircraft Grade 6061-T6511 Aluminum. The section is delicately placed on one of our special CNC machining centers and precision cut to EXACTLY match the OEM plastic housing. The metal gods (well, in this case, one of our highly talented CNC programmers) has programmed elaborate steps for the very time consuming and expensive operation of profiling the special buttress threads into the housing using the exact DIN spec thread cutting tool required for a perfect seal.

We also provide a proper threaded drain plug of the same size as your oil pan plug (use just 1 19mm socket for both!). Rather than some useless internal soft hex plug which easily strips, ours is a genuine Audi plug made from steel with an honest 19mm external hex. The plug comes with a contained sealing washer as well. And yes, we also provide USEABLE 36mm hex flats so you can easily remove the housing with a standard 36mm socket. Imagine that : You can simply drain the housing using its proper drain plug bolt that wont round off, and remove the housing using a proper 36mm socket that also wont round off. This could possibly make changing your oil fun again!

VW Corrado (1992-1995 w/AAA VR6 engine)
VW Golf and Jetta/Wagon (1993-2006 w/AAA and AFP VR6 engines)
VW Passat (1992-1997 w/AAA VR6 engine)
VW Touareg (2003-2007 w/3.2 and 3.6 V6 engines)
VW Eurovan (1996-2004 w/AES V6 engine)

Audi A8/S8 (2000-2003 w/4.2L AUX V8 engine)
Audi Q7 (2007-2009 w/3.6L BHK V6 engine)

Use oil filter part number 021-115-562 (021115562) or equivalent with our metal housing. If your parts department requires a vehicle type, tell them “1995 VW Golf GTI VR6”. This is the older, vastly superior cartridge filter with the metal end caps. VW, in their infinite cost savings wisdom, superseded it with a cheaper, cardboard end filter (021-115-562A). Please make sure to order filter 021-115-562 oil filter (or equivalent) as it is the superior filter for these engines, and will fit correctly with this housing. You can buy it from us using the drop down menu below, or at any dealer or trusted auto parts store.  Please note we sell Mahle, Hengst, Mann, or similar filters.  It wont come in a VW/Audi package but these are excellent filters.

When installing this part, please clean all threads and use a bit of anti-seize on the threads of our part to make this easier to remove during your next oil change. Also, be sure to lubricate the o-ring with some fresh oil.

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  • Model: OILHOUSEVR6
  • Manufactured by: Gruven

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