VW Turbo Baffled Oil Pan w/Windage Tray 4-cyl (75 - 99)

This pan adds a drain feed for turbos to our steel oil pan. Baffling keeps oil from sloshing away from the pump, the windage tray keeps oil mist out of the block! This setup fits all transverse-mounted 8v and 16v 4-cylinder motors supplied between 1975-1999. This includes ABA and TDI variants (but not the 06A/B of 1.8T or Mk4 2.0 8v).

| VW early 4-cyl racing oil pan (baffled + windage)

Consider this a required upgrade for any modified or very aggressively driven VW. By blocking the movement of oil mist into the block, parasitic power loss is reduced. That's while baffles and trap doors keep oil at the pickup vs. sloshing away from it and causing potentially lethal lubrication problems.

| VW 8v + 16v oil pan (baffled + windage tray)

An oil pan attaches to the bottom of an engine where almost nobody will see it. However, YOU'll know that your investment is protected. It's even yellow zinc chromate plated for long-term corrosion resistance. A magnetic drain plug (to attract/collect ferrous debris) plus new copper sealing washer are included.

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  • Model: 115.110T
  • Manufactured by: Techtonics Tuning

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