Front Control Arm Bearing kit (MK4 VW)

Transform handling via improved suspension travel and eliminated toe angle deflections. Maintain suspension geometry no matter how high the loads that racing impose. Dive deeper into turns while trail braking. Launch out of them with neutral handling balance and exquisite feedback from the steering wheel.

Simply put, these are the most precise and durable suspension bearings ever made for our platform. They perform exceptionally well with our Mk4 Rear Beam Bearing kit, too. Both kits feature PTFE-lined bearings. Bodies are constructed from 6061 aluminum and anodized to prevent corrosion. Spacers and other hardware are either anodized aluminum or corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

Mk4 VW R32 Audi TT front control arm bearings

Keeping parts clean is an important but simple affair: Remove a single retaining ring, clean (or swap out) the spherical bearing, and get back into the action.

Mk4 VW 4Motion Audi TT front control arm bearings for racing

This kit fits VW MK4 front control arms with the smaller 30mm front bushing. These are found on front wheel drive versions of:

    • Audi TT Mk1
    • New Beetle
    • Jetta Mk4
    • Golf Mk4


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  • Model: SCCHMK4FBK-0X
  • Manufactured by: SCCH

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