Water/Meth Nozzle (10mm tip)

Our 10mm extended tip nozzles poke through thick manifold runners/past piping bends to avoid wall wetting. Perfect for direct port injection, flow rate is either 2gph or 4gph (~125cc or 250cc @100psi).

USRT 10mm tip water/methanol nozzle vs. Snow

The difference between shrouded spray pattern vs. "clean" is remarkable. Eliminate tuning complications, irregularities, and inconsistencies that commonly vex auxiliary fueling and octane boosting. Such cost precious time, money, and horsepower.

Notice the incredible control precision that 5x RACE valves provide. -the most advanced fast solenoids available for full 200psi water/methanol injection.

USRT WMI direct port nozzle bung USRT water/meth nozzle bung (Subaru STi)

Thread on top is 1/8 NPT to match the market's most common nozzles holders. Bottoms feature M8 x .70 pitch and seal by o-ring. An adapter is supplied with 1/8 NPT outside diameter to fit existing holes (or to reduce extension by about 5mm).

USRT 10mm long tip WMI nozzles USRT long tip water/meth nozzles + holders
WMI nozzle bungs: VQ35DE manifold long tip WMI nozzles: VQ35DE manifold

Adapter usage is optional. Thin wall metal tubing and plastic manifold installation is made a simple exercise vs. nervous experience. Long-term reliability is assured.


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  • Model: WAINOZ10XT
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