FLOWsafe Inlet Sensor (6AN/8AN)

Securely SEND IT.  -fluid and also flow data to your ECU or advanced controller. Enjoy no restriction and no worries feeding a water/meth injection pump. Supplied is a failsafe flow sensor with 1/2 NPT threads (SS304)  plus selected AN adapters package.

Water meth failsafe flow sensor (8AN fittings) WMI failsafe flow sensor (pump mounted)

Although pressure rated to 250psi, best practice is to install on the inlet side (where pressure pulsing/fluction is minimal). Mounting angle is not relevant. However, smooth bends before the sensor are ideal for laminar fluid flow and thus clean data output. Packaging constraints may dictate that a compact elbow fitting is used.

Water methanol failsafe flow sensor (Hall effect)Connect to 12V and ground. Hall effect sensor output is a 12V square wave signal. Send that to an advanced water/meth controller or ECU. Flow rate is proportional to frequency (and is predictably linear from 1 - 20Lpm). 

USRT WMI failsafe flow sensor (internal view)

A ruptured or disconnected hose downstream of sensor always results in massive flow rates. Whereas, a leak before the sensor will produce a notable decrease. As will any blockage in the system. Set upper and lower flow parameters in the controller and a powerful failsafe system is yours to trust.

USRT WMI failsafe sensor data

FLOWsafe sensors are installed on the feed side of a water meth injection pump and run under zero pressure. Strong engine bay vibrations can damage onboard electronics. Soft mounting is thus critical. Here we see a sensor tightly integrated within a trunk-mounted Compact Street Tank.

USRT water meth failsafe flow sensor on pump

Tech notes: Inlet restriction and cavitation are eliminated via LARGE diameter flow path. Placement before the pump ensures that pulsation from fast solenoid valves does not corrupt data.


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