Three chronic heat problems are FIXED: tiny turbo, inadequate intercooler, and awful octane. It's done with both control simplicity and sophistication. -optimized for the latest small displacement turbo engines.

USRT RACE valve direct port water methanol fittings


Post-IC air cooling begins at low boost and sprays in general proportion to manifold pressure. Traditional pump control is used. At higher boost level, octane delivery is separately managed by the RACE valve-equipped DPR system.

USRT complete direct port water meth system with RACE valves

These high-speed solenoids are pulsed exactly like EFI to keep combustion on time and efficient.

USRT water methanol injection flow control solenoid with fittings

Simply triggered ON/OFF, the Flow Control Solenoid and thus BigUpper operate last in sequence. -as boost pressure climbs towards maximum and as air flow inevitably falls off. Spray is aimed directly at the spinning wheel's center nut. Hot air is condensed during the compression stage itself. Backpressure drops and then already available exhaust gas energy spins the wheel faster. More air mass is sent. -not quite a big turbo upgrade but "easy extra is attained up top".

USRT compressor spray water methanol injection

A brand new but critical innovation is the provision of extended tip nozzles. These eliminate spray pattern shrouding/wall wetting. They allow reliable mounting of direct port nozzles to plastic and thin wall metal intake manifold runners.

USRT water methanol injection nozzles, extended tip


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