Low-Profile Street Tank (2gal/7.6L)

This tank mounts a pump to its bottom and tucks it away for a clean and discrete installation. It’s universal and will fit a wide variety of trunk applications. A 2-way vented black plastic cap is included. As is a very modest inlet fittings package. Upgrade to unrestrictive 6AN with our DEEP THIRST Inlet (Low-Profile) kit:

6AN inlet & outlets for Burger Motorsport water/methanol tank

Keep it clean and don't be seen... This Low-Profile unit closely resembles our slightly larger RACE Tank. Sometimes, less = more and here is how it's done with maximum results.

USRT water/meth AN pump outlet vs push connect fittings


Water/Meth Pump mounts directly to the tank (pump not included)
• Super-low profile design
• Includes 2-way vented black plastic cap
• Pre-tapped with 1/4 NPT threaded hole
• Includes basic pump feed fittings & mounting screws
• Easily upgraded to AN plumbing

Tank dimensions: L 15.5" x W 8" x H 8.25"

USRT BIG BORE 8AN water meth pump outlet

Demonstrated: BIG BORE OUTLET (with integrated 80micron filter/check valve), FAILSAFE Pressure Sensor, and Pressure Gauge. A FAILSAFE FLOW Sensor option will be revealed soon.


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  • Manufactured by: Burger Motorsports

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