RacingLine Oil Cooler Kit, Audi/Volkswagen 1.8T/2.0T Gen 3 (MQB)

The higher your power, the harder you drive, the more important it is to protect your oil.

That's why you should consider RacingLine’s Oil Cooler Kit. Adding power to 2.0 TSI EA888.3 engines generates more heat to disperse. Significantly increased oil temperatures means only one thing: a decrease in the ability for your engine to stay properly lubricated. Yet at the same time, it's really important not to over-cool the oil.

Under hard driving, the stock oil cooler is easily overwhelmed. Failures start to occur when oil cannot dissipate its collected heat fast enough and the oil begins to thin and degrade - losing its lubrication properties.

The RacingLine kit solves this problem: by adding in an additional air to oil cooler positioned right in the airflow in the front of the car, oil temperatures are reduced by around 60° - 70° degrees Fahrenheit (of course dependent on how the car is being used, ambient temps and state of tune).

Unlike others, RacingLine’s kit retains the oil to water cooler that your car came from the factory with, then adds to it with this front-mounted cooler - which has the twin benefits of doubling up your oil cooling capability with less heat transfer from hot oil into the car's water system. As the oil moves away from the heat inside the engine, its temperature drops significantly as it is pumped through the densely packed fins of the 10-row cooler’s large surface area mounted right in the cool airflow.

RacingLine’s extensive track development on this kit concluded that a 10 row stacked-plate cooler provides the ideal level of cooling ability. Whilst bigger coolers were tested, these were found to be too effective when used in conjunction with the factory cooler – dropping oil temperatures lower than the optimum for a good synthetic oil to give best engine performance. Never forget that cold oil is certainly not desirable!

One of the smartest aspects of this kit is the unique sandwich plate oil take-off which includes a clever internal pressure-control valve control to direct oil flow through the cooler at correct flow/volume. This sandwich plate includes an integral pressure relief valving system to protect the system from pressure spikes.

The whole system is designed with straightforward fitting and ultimate reliability in mind. Everything single part needed for perfect fitment is included in the kit.

Unlike other oil cooler kits, with the RacingLine kit there is no need to remove the intake manifold to access oil galleries for a feed in and out of the engine. Instead, the clever oil filter adapter enables the oil cooler sandwich plate to be installed underneath the current oil filter housing on all EA888.3 engines - just screw off and replace.

The kit includes a replacement oil filter that sits in the beautiful new billet housing. Made from a medical-grade stainless steel micronic filter cloth with magnetic pre-filtering, it’s capable of flowing 5x more oil than the factory paper filter. This filter is available to purchase separately for servicing. Whilst it is a lifetime filter, RacingLine recommend changing the filter with each oil change to ensure all contamination and ferrous particles are fully removed.

As you’d expect from a RacingLine kit, it comes with beautiful, precision machined billet components utilizing the latest 5 Axis CNC machines for perfect accuracy, first time, every time. All the metal parts are hand polished, then anodized in a long-lasting glossy Midnight Black finish. Laser etched logos finish off the appearance perfectly.

The oil lines feature an attractive outer nylon braid strengthened by a stainless-steel inner weave for maximum resilience. A protective external sheath avoids any rubbing damage in use.

The front-mount location brackets of the oil cooler radiator locate it securely in the optimum airflow and ensures that oil temperature drops and excess heat is funneled out efficiently.


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