RacingLine Oil Cooling System, Audi/VW 1.8T/2.0T Gen 3 (MQB)

Racingline’s MQB Oil Cooler kit is a complete ready to install package.  An essential for any hard-driven Golf Mk7 GTI or ‘R’ running high power levels, hot climates or on the track.

VW Racing Line Oil Cooler VWR18G700 for MQB VW & Audi


Of course, adding power generates more heat to disperse. Significantly increased oil temperatures mean only one thing: a decrease in the ability for your engine to stay properly lubricated.

The new Racingline kit solves this problem: by adding in an additional air to oil cooler positioned right in the airflow in front of the car, oil temperatures are reduced by 60 - 70degF (15  – 20degC. This is dependent, of course, on factors such as how the car is being driven, ambient temperatures and state of tune.

Unlike many oil cooler kits, this keeps the factory Oil to Water cooler in position – effectively doubling up on your cooling. As oil passes through the new cooler first, that means less heat transfer back into your car’s water coolant circuit too.

VW Racing Line Oil Cooler Kit VWR18G700 mocked up VW Racing Line Oil Cooler Kit VWR18G700 layout

What’s in the kit? 
– Oil Cooler mounting brackets
– AN10 ‘210 Series’ Nylon braided feed and return lines
– Billet CNC oil cooler sandwich plate
– AN10 ’10-Row’ Oil Cooler Core
– Billet oil filter housing with removable drop in filter
– Fitting kit consisting of all necessary nuts, bolts, washers and rubber mountings

– Pre-2016 Cars will require a 2016+ Oil Filter Stem (06L115678Q)

VW MK7 MQB Golf R oil cooler (USRT)


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  • Model: RL-VWR18G700
  • Manufactured by: RacingLine

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