High Pressure Fuel Pump (HPFP) Upgrade Kit For VW & Audi MQB 2.0T Engines| Fits MK7 & 8V EA888 Gen 3

The IE MQB HPFP upgrade kit unlocks fuel delivery for ethanol, larger turbos, and our TrueFlex ECU tunes for the VW & Audi MK7 & 8V 2.0T Gen 3 engines. The piston and cylinder assembly is the largest volume possible within the stock fuel pump body. Top-quality components and our strict QC process ensure extreme reliability. Increase your fueling overhead and enjoy worry-free HPFP operation for your MQB 2.0L turbocharged engine.


  • Highest flowing MQB HPFP upgrade on the market
  • HPFP upgrade for ethanol & larger turbo tunes
  • Fueling support for IE TrueFlex & ethanol tunes
  • Reliably adds a larger fuel ceiling for increased flow
  • The piston diameter increased from 9.92mm to 11.68mm
  • Stroke volume increased from 231mm^3 to 321mm^3
  • Broken-in and bench tested on in-house pump dyno
  • Constant diameter piston design for long-life operation
  • Tool steel DLC coated pin
  • Nitrided tool steel cylinder
  • Molybdenum disulphide impregnated leak-free seal
  • Stainless steel seal body
  • Buna-N rubber oil resistant o ring
  • Engineered, designed, & manufactured in the USA


Your HPFP is an integral part of the MQB platform direct injection (DI) system and provides exceptionally high-pressure fuel (exceeding 2900psi) to the injectors. When running turbo upgrades or ethanol fuel, the stock HPFP internal volume becomes the limiting factor when increasing power. IE's HPFP internals install into your factory pump housing and increase the bore and piston size of the pump internals, allowing more flow, delivering more fuel, and allowing for more horsepower & torque.


Upgrading to IE's HPFP reliably increases the flow rate of the high-pressure pump for more tuning headroom to increase power safely. The result is a maximum gain of 38.58% over stock!


Every piston and cylinder is CNC machined to exacting sizes, assembled, and measured as a matching set in-house. Tolerances are hand-verified using specialized measurement tools and verified down to 0.00005 of an inch to ensure reliability and proper function. These extreme manufacturing and QC processes are the foundation that has built IE’s leading reputation in HPFP reliability and the popular choice for anyone wanting worry-free operation.

Engineered & manufactured in the USA


IE HPFP designs are verified and torture-tested on our own application-specific fuel pump dyno. This machine is able to replicate countless miles and various RPM situations to substantiate every detail of the HPFP design. This strict engineering process, combined with our 100% in-house CNC machining, obsessed quality control, and top-shelf components is why IE HPFP Kits have earned their esteem and reputation for reliability.


DLC (diamond-like carbon coating) is an advanced coating process applied to the tool steel pin. This coating combines hardness and low friction, providing excellent wear properties and self-lubrication behavior that drastically extends pin life.


Many aftermarket HPFP options use a stepped-diameter piston in a cost-saving effort to reuse the factory seal. This design dramatically reduces the contact between the pin and cylinder, causing instability of the pin stroke leading to increased wear. IE’s uniquely designed constant diameter pinmaintains its larger size through the entire piston shaft. This engineering detail increases the contact between the pin and cylinder by over 50% compared to kits which do not replace the seal and nut, increasing pin stability.


The cylinder can see up to 19000 strokes a minute with an astonishingly thin tolerance and is lubricated by fuel only. Our tool steel cylinder is nitrided to guarantee it can withstand this torture. This advanced process infuses nitrogen atoms into the atomic structure of the outer surface of the component, increasing surface hardness and wear properties drastically. The thickness and quality of every nitride production batch are independently verified in a specialty lab.


Our ultra-lightweight FEA optimized titanium retainer reduces the chance of valve float while securing the spring to the new IE pump assembly. The internal kit is designed correctly for the factory spring rate, avoiding the need for a stiffer spring that adds unnecessary pressure and wear on the camshaft.


A custom CNC Machined nut holds our molybdenum disulphide impregnated PTFE seal, which is ideal for reducing friction and maintaining stiffness. The seal is spring energized to increase reliability and provide constant outward pressure. The body is sealed to the pump with a quality Buna-N rubber o ring, ensuring it will hold up against heat and a wide range of fuels. What may seem like minor features add up to ensure long life and trouble-free operation.


Installing your new HPFP kit is straightforward with the correct tools and does not require any permanent modifications. Involves fuel lines and special care to avoid contamination in a clean environment; experienced or professional installation is highly recommended.

HPFP TOOL - ES#4623900

Disassembly & assembly of the factory HPFP housing requires a specialty tool to thread the assembly housing into the pump body. We have designed and manufactured ours to fit directly to 1/2" drive socket and torque wrenches. This offers better leverage for unthreading the body and reliable torque spec to complete the install process without any hassles to make the job easy.

HPFP Socket Tool sold separately


Due to the extreme machining and coating tolerances, Integrated Engineering offers a limited warranty on this product:
Six months from the day of purchase (unlimited miles) for MQB internal HPFP kits.


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  • Model: IEFUVN1
  • Manufactured by: Integrated Engineering

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