BigUPPER (small turbo)

SAFELY FLOW MORE AIR FROM YOUR TURBO:  Harness the laws of physics and spin your wheel faster/harder. A maxed turbo blows hot air and hits an RPM wall. Cool air inside the compressor with water/methanol, condense it, and back pressure will instantly drop.

Then, shaft speeds suddenly surges and more air flow will flow at the same manifold pressure. This function requires very little control hardware and no ECU tuning. Pair with a  Boost Trigga switch and Solenoid Upgrade. Set to spray as peak boost approaches and that's it. Done.

This kit features external 1/8 NPT threads to work with a hole tapped into a metal or thick wall plastic boost pipe. The feed pipe is only 4mm diameter for minimal air disturbance. It's also fully bendable for custom-angled installations. Aim directly at the compressor nut (the slowest-moving and strongest part of the rotating assembly). Tip erosion simply will not occur.

Pre-compressor WMI for small turbo



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