Octane and fueling for five cylinders plus chilly air are what this system delivers with elite precision and this 900bhp example needs it! Our DPR5+1 upgrades a vehicle that's already fit with a WMI main system (such as USRT's famous TRUTH Base Kit). Pair with most any advanced water/meth controller or mappable ECU.

The remarkable Cortex EBC runs this car's functions with smooth advantage. However, plumbing was a design challenge. Conventional 5-cylinder layout can create imbalance due to two flow ports on one side and three on the other. Such asymmetry directly affects valve response time. (EFI tuners are deeply familiar with this flow rate/response time relationship.)

Two RACE valves now feed a redesigned center section resulting in perfect output. Also, the assembly has shrunk to only 350mm (13.75") end to end, or a bit less than the span across four cylinders. -functional elegance from fewer and better performing components. Extremely short line lengths are easy to configure. -a blessing for control response. Shorter lines (of small diameter) = linear/easier tuning.

Of course, fluid has to reach the engine first! The WMI kit sends it at 200psi via standard 1/4" line. This is routed to an included "splitter" that feeds a trio of 4AN sections. Two supply the direct port assembly with 45cc nozzles in each holder. A third (distinguished with red sealing rings) is routed to a single RACE valve positioned just after the front mounted intercooler. It delivers 625cc of 50/50 mixture. Remember, remote spray distance = colder air. Spray from DP = octane.

Note: Connections to each nozzle are made with supplied 3/16" PTFE tubing. Black braided 4AN Flex Hose is required to complete installations, but is offered separately. Purchase what you need for your custom build. (These line lengths are non-critical.)

Although sexy direct port gets much due attention, intake air chilling nets the most benefits for the amount invested. IATs are knocked down hard and flat with a single nozzle. What's it like to enjoy autumn cool during summer heat? Find out. Enjoy that crisp response all year round.

Air cooling keeps efficiency and octane protects an engine from detonating. Safety is priority ONE. -especially with a premium ride like the Audi RS3. This system keeps your machine in the FIGHT.


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  • Model: WAIDPR51RS3
  • Manufactured by: US Rally Team

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