Mitsubishi EVO (RACE) DPR4+2

This setup provides world-class combustion regulation and keeps air consistently chilly at the same time. Putting out over 1200bhp this engine operates on the ragged edge. Yet, USRT's precisely timed direct port is ready for disciplinary action!

Positioned directly after a front mounted intercooler, a RACE valve delivers 625cc of air cooling spray in proportion to intake air heat produced by a huge turbo. This is done early in the boost range and continues all the way until peak manifold pressure is reached.

Also, a 225cc nozzle mounted in the side of the compressor housing (aka "volute") is engaged only very late in the boost range. It's done on a simple on/off basis via Boost Trigga (Hobbs switch) and Flow Control Solenoid. This protects the front mount intercooler from heat soaking during the thick of battle (without compromising its heat exchange efficiency at lower loads).


Triggered between these post-IC and volute (early/late) spray events, direct port flow is regulated via a pair of RACE valves (wired together to a MoTeC ECU's second output channel). This delivers 100cc/minute per cylinder and enables the engine to run to the limit without EGTs reaching catastrophic heights. Classic batch fire is much preferred over sequential because cooling mist is allowed to linger for a longer time period at the back of the intake valves.

MoTeC direct port water meth tuning

Legendary on the rally special stages, this EVO's all abut roll racing. -huge boost, wild IATs, radical cylinder pressures and EGTs... this car needs to CHILL. In this setup, main air cooling is done conventionally from just after a FMIC and from early in the boost range all the way to the top. Spray is also done under extreme load from volute position to keep the IC from getting overwhelmed. Direct port regulates combustion chamber events and maintains a big safety margin when and where it matters most.

Rapid Acting Control Elements ("RACE valves") are now the fastest/most accurate flow control actuators on the market. They function at 220psi. Whereas, the previous best accept 180psi and yet others struggle at just 150! Featuring full stainless steel internals, RACE valves are impervious to pure water, pure methanol, or any blend. Achieve EFI-level control precision and enjoy it for the life of the car. -no rebuilds are ever necessary.


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  • Model: WAIDPR42EVO
  • Manufactured by: US Rally Team

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