GM DP8+2

Now, we've got a Chevy C10 with a 6.0 LS paired to a 4L80E transmission. It puts out 900 horses at the crank via turbo and features a beefy 24x12x3" intercooler up front. Core heat soak isn't a problem. IAT could be improved but the intake piping is full of bends and twists. In this case, though, the main issue is octane. Not enough has been... "inconvenient":
-an impressive outcome, that was not preferred:
This piston is no longer living its best life:

The easy first step is a strategically placed pair of air cooling nozzles. They'll be installed closer to the throttle than we'd prefer, but two of them atomize fluid better than a single big unit. And, thus evaporation is superior. Innovation beats standard formulas.

With 900bhp from 18psi that 93 pump gas can't satisfy... the final answer is direct port injection and a 50/50 mixture. Water provides infinite octane because NOTHING makes it detonate. The methanol expedites water's evaporation rate and drops IATs FAST within a short distance.

8x 45cc (.75gph) octane enhancing nozzles for each intake runner
2x 225cc (4gph) air cooling nozzles (placed after intercooler/not supplied in this kit)
200psi pump pressure
50/50 mixture


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  • Model: WAITDP82
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