Producing "divine atomization", HARD TRUTH adds a HAMMER pump to the Basic TRUTH package! Doubling pressure to 400psi produces an aerosol quality that is outright impossible to beat. Standard water/meth pumps can be set to about 200psi when working with conventional flow rates. Finer droplets evaporate faster and thusly remove heat better than the output from normal systems.
USRT HAMMER 400psi water meth pump
Kit Contents: 400psi HAMMER WMI pump, Tank Level Switch, bypass pressure regulator, an air cooling nozzle of your flow choice, nozzle holder, 600psi pressure gauge, Check Valve, E6000 thread sealant, and NOTHING else. Now, you have several more choices to make. That includes several more fittings plus tubing. Ask us for integration help, as needed.

FrostByte water methanol controller

As with plumbing, a controller is up to you to choose separately. This really is a beast of a pump and aggressive builds deserve quality management. Standalone ECUs are best, of course. Of the piggyback units, FrostByte is currently a leading example.

USRT HARD TRUTH Failsafe Gauge Filtered Outlet
So, about that plumbing. We highly recommend our 2.25gal Street Tank together with DEEP THIRST (4AN x2) inlet for full flow potential. However, for more modest applications, there's the single inlet HAMMER Failsafe Fittings pack. These proven bits make installation easy and the built-in sump feature protects against starvation around high-g corners.

Note: Nozzle/s MUST be sized properly to complement total fuel flow, boost level, and intercooling setup. Please contact USRT for help with this critical aspect of kit configuration. Review our dual nozzle upgrade packages and direct port kits to for your octane-boosting solution.

Note2: HAMMER pump's radically high output pressure is too much for any and all fast solenoids. That includes the incredible RACE valves which offer radically superior control. A choice must be made between that refinement and smallest possible droplets. Setups that prioritize air cooling may be better off with a HARD TRUTH setup. Whereas, octane-dependant configurations will certainly be best configured with RACE valves.

Note3: A 50/50 mixture of water/methanol is generally advised to provide the best compromise of detonation control and increased torque. In usual operation, the alcohol flashes away almost instantly. This leaves behind a pure water aerosol that evaporates more slowly (but pulls more heat while doing so). These remaining water droplets will now be half the original size but yet have  4.84 times the original surface area ratio. With this much more surface area exposed to the hot air, the water evaporates  at a 4.84  faster pace! This makes it relatively dry by the time it reaches the throttle which it will NOT attack.

Review this video (about spark plug technology) for perfect visualization about combustion and the risks of detonation:


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