Audi TT 3.2 (RACE) DPR6x6+1

USRT is now delighted to support WMI systems for FUELING as well as traditional cooling and octane boosting. Masters of EFI for decades, we've sneered at the low-grade hacks for a long time. -as if simply "sending ALL THE METH" is wise or sensible. This is "it" done perfectly right. -control and safety with NO COMPROMISE.

SIX cylinders get SIX RACE valves dedicated to fueling plus octane boosting. This is the elite way to take care of critical needs.

Each valve is fed by a rail in a manner very similar to fuel injection... because that's essentially what this is. One controller output channel typically "batch fires" all valves at once. Whereas, advanced tuners will prefer a control channel dedicated per valve. In such case, a "counter-sequential" scheme works best. Spray events are timed to coincide with the intake valve's closing. This maximizes dwell time for maximum air and valve cooling. But FIRST, intake air temperature is dropped by spray after a front mounted intercooler.

Another RACE valve is used to regulate this cooling spray volume. (It's displayed below at bottom left with nozzle and holder from a USRT "TRUTH" Base Kit.) What's it like to enjoy winter cold in the middle of the summer? You're definitely going to find out:

In this system, the pump is triggered to run at full pressure for superior atomization and constant readiness. RACE valves are then pulsed by the controller for amazing gains in control accuracy. Currently, the market's best available options are FrostByte or Torqbyte CM-5 LTS. Our famous Failsafe Pressure Sensor provides constant feedback. Achieve it ALL: more power, smoother control, far easier tuning method, and superior safety margin.


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  • Model: WAIDPR6x6+1
  • Manufactured by: US Rally Team

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