MK3/Corrado Rear Toe Stabilizer

GO HARD without the rear end wiggling around. Marvelously improve trail braking into corners. Just dive right in and nail that apex with confidence. This kit keeps the "tail from wagging the dog" and it fits all related FWD chassis including Cabrio and Corrado.

American rallyist, Anthony Burden is USRT-equipped!
Anthony Burden, New England Forest Rally 2021

VW MK3 rear beam toe kit

Rallyists can now drift without fear that the trailing arms will impact, fold in, and end their event. All is fully triangulated and freely jointed. Road racers on grippy slicks needn't worry about rear steer looping them hard into the outside wall.

JD Ackley (USRT), Cherokee Trails Rally

Suspension travel and ground clearance are not compromised a bit. It's ALL WIN.



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  • Manufactured by: SCCH

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