Audi TT (RACE) DPR4+1

Water/methanol systems equipped with RACE valves are SO easy to tune and dial in. -SO much more predictable at the edge of tuning. This is about confidence as much as it is about capability. As such, this kit is set up with 3AN for nozzle connections and 4AN for everything else. -plumbing done elegantly right.

Air is cooled immediately after the front mount intercooler with a 375cc nozzle. A RACE valve will regulate flow from that position to match heat levels as they rise and fall. Just before timing pull is expected, another pair of valves will send 45cc worth of octane flow to nozzles mounted in each intake runner.

These ultra-fast 4AN threaded solenoids are compatible with all Snow controllers (but not those from AEM). They work even better with advanced options like FrostByte or Torqbyte. In fact, this vehicle will be managed by a Haltech. It's all built and tuned by CO Motorsports.

Our Rapid Acting Control Elements (aka "RACE valves") are now the fastest/most accurate flow control actuators on the market. They function at 220psi. Whereas, the previous best do 180psi and yet others struggle at just 150! Featuring full stainless steel internals, RACE valves are impervious to pure water, pure methanol, or any blend. Achieve EFI-level control precision and enjoy it for the life of the car.


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  • Model: WAIDPR41TT
  • Manufactured by: US Rally Team

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