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Your AEM kit's flow sensor is going to DIE. In fact, it's probably already dead and that's exactly why you're here. USRT can REVIVE your system. Restore function and your feeling of security, too.

Our FAILSAFE Pressure Sensor lasts forever. Medical grade and built to last, these units are trusted all over the world. Just attach power, ground, plus signal and you're set.

The USRT pressure sensor's output is converted by a "Signal Adaption Module".

Connect the module simply via one pin on the rear of the gauge.

AEM Failsafe repair system

With this tweak, your AEM Failsafe can return to protecting the engine. The gauge will serve as a pressure display. (Cc/min scaling is presented as psi). Data logs will provide useful diagnostic information. Enjoy the great functionality that you deserve.

Kit contents:
FAILSAFE Pressure Sensor (including tee section with 1/4" fittings)
Signal Adaption Module
Wiring Harness

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