VW 16V Crank Trigger Kit

  • Model: IGTN16VTRG
  • Manufactured by: 034 Motorsport


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Our complete 60-2 crank trigger kit for VW 16-valve motors includes a billet hub to mount a precision laser-cut trigger wheel to the crank shaft. Some mount a trigger wheel to the outside of the harmonic balancer, but this causes synch errors as the wheel resonates on the rubber dampner.

USRT VW Volkswagen 16V crank trigger

In contrast, this setup is hard-mounted and delivers constant linear accuracy. Another enhancement is the 60 - 2 specfication vs. common 36 - 1 alternative. In one case, there are 60 teeth to count and in the other there are 36. Of course, there are always 360 degrees in a complete circle. Thus, the 60-tooth wheel can deliver engine position within 6 degrees of accuracy while the 36-tooth variant can only inform the ECU within 10 degrees.

USRT VW Volkswagen 16V crank trigger

Kit includes: billet aluminum crank sensor bracket,  threaded body VR-sensor, new hardware.
Fitment: V-belted 16-valve motors with stock harmonic damper.

USRT VW Volkswagen 16V crank trigger

Note: The next level beyond 60-2 triggering is 46 & 2, but that's an entirely different discussion and dimension. Regardless, USRT has the TOOL that you need!

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