VW 16V Crank Trigger Kit

Drivetrain shock from sudden tire grip/spin can destroy your engine's internal trigger. Invest in this bolt on 60-2 crank trigger kit to fortify your engine against high-RPM annhilation. Included are all a billet hub spacer, toothed wheel, mounting bracket, and sensor.

USRT VW water cooled 16V crank trigger

This setup is externally hard-mounted to the crank snout and delivers constant linear accuracy. Another enhancement is the 60 - 2 specfication vs. common 36 - 1 alternative. In this case, there are 60 teeth to count and in the other there are 36. Of course, there are always 360 degrees in a complete circle. Thus, the 60-tooth wheel can deliver engine position within 6 degrees of accuracy while the 36-tooth variant can only inform the ECU within 10 degrees.

034 VW Volkswagen 16V crank trigger

Fitment: V-belted 16-valve motors with stock harmonic damper.

USRT VW Volkswagen 16V external crank trigger

Note: Beyond 60-2 triggering is 25 or 6 to 4. Next exists mighty 46 & 2, but these are entirely different discussions and dimensions.

VW ABF16v forged crank with toothed trigger wheel

The factory ABA/ABF crank trigger system works perfectly until internal hardware sheds and shrapnel attacks the engine's interior. One option is to invest in higher-grade bolts and then tack weld the reluctor wheel to that hardware. Set clearances to less than .045" to avoid intermittent signal issues. 

OR, trigger from the outside with this bolt on system: proven for decades on competition engines.


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  • Model: IGTN16VTRG
  • Manufactured by: 034 Motorsport

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