Audi S4 (RACE) DPR8

  • Model: WAIS4DPR8
  • Manufactured by: US Rally Team

An 8-port injection system with elite control features, it has served well in the USRT R&D fleet. This self-built Audi S4 V8 Turbo (B7) has led to many design insights and set up wisdoms. All are now implemented in our full production kits. But, as a trip back to 2019, here's what we first proposed:

The dual inlets will each receive pulse width modulated RACE* valves. If all works as well as it did in the lab, we will enjoy radical improvements in tuning capability and ease. Our mission is to take this advanced control mainstream.

*(Rapid Acting Control Element)

Quintin Callahan Audi S4 V8 turbo B7 water methanol direct port USRT

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