Audi S4 DP8 (RACE Kit)

  • Model: WAIS4DP8
  • Manufactured by: US Rally Team

An 8-port injection system with elite control features, it's first going into a built Audi S4 V8 Turbo (B7). This self-built beast lurks among the USRT test fleet and will soon prove important new flow valve technology. We can't fully reveal that part of the system yet... However, the rest is here for your review.

The dual inlets will each receive pulse width modulated RACE* valves. If all works as well as it did in the lab, we will enjoy radical improvements in tuning capability and ease. Our mission is to take this advanced control mainstream.

*(Rapid Acting Control Element)

Quintin Callahan Audi S4 V8 turbo B7 water methanol direct port USRT

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