Audi S4 (RACE) DPR8

An 8-port injection system with elite control features, it has served well in the USRT R&D fleet. This Audi S4 V8 Turbo (B7) has led to many design insights and set up wisdoms. All are now implemented in our full production kits. But, as a trip back to 2019, here's what we first proposed:

Dual inlets were set up with each to directly attach RACE* valve prototypes. We learned right away that this produced superior control but only within a narrow RPM band. The goal was to achieve "radical improvements in tuning capability and ease" and this initial performance was a promising start. Taking this advanced control mainstream would require the same control across a wide power band.

*(Rapid Acting Control Element)

This generally requires a single RACE valve per pair of cylinders (vs per four). Most all subsequent USRT "DPR" direct port water/meth kits have been configured this way. The notable exception is 5-cylinder engines whichy may still utilize two valves. For key example, see our Audi RS3/TTRS DPR5+1 kit.

Quintin Callahan Audi S4 V8 turbo B7 water methanol direct port USRT

One super-important technique is to keep each connection very short (and not like what's shown here). Longer lines dull control response. A feature that's been kept consistent, however, is smaller diameter 3/16" (4.76mm) tubing for each nozzle run. This enhances accuracy and makes tuning easier.

Quintin Audi S4 V8 turbo with USRT RACE valve direct port WMI

Have you got an interesting project car and need help configuring it with a DPR system? Shoot us an email. Drop us a line. Be informed.

Audi S4 V8 turbo | USRT direct port water methanol injection

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