Volvo DP5+2

When you've got an already overachieving Volvo with 2.3l 5-cylinder, what do you do with it? TURN UP THE BOOST! This one will require a single air cooling nozzle after the IC, 5 direct port nozzles, and then one more air cooling nozzle mounted in the side of the compressor housing. This package supports up to 525bhp on 50/50 mixture.

5x 30cc (.5gph) octane enhancing nozzles for each intake runner
1x 225cc (4gph) primary air cooling nozzle (after IC)
1x 100cc (3gph) secondary air cooling nozzle (side of compressor housing)
Pump set to 180psi

Volvo 20v 5 cylinder engine

Additional elements:
USRT "TRUTH" (base water/meth kit) (with 100cc nozzle selected)
Spray Nozzle (225cc)
FAILSAFE Filtered Outlet SYSTEM (upgrade)
Flow Control Solenoid (for secondary air cooling nozzle control)


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  • Model: WAIVDP52
  • Manufactured by: US Rally Team

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