Wavetrac 02E DSG: FWD w/25 Tooth Ring

Get a grip! All Wavetrac diffs are designed, developed, and manufactured in the USA. Uniquely equipped for a street differential, these units work impressively well during zero axle load conditions. -glare ice or hard packed snow, for example. The unit creates internal load, maintaining drive on the gripping wheel instead of acting like an open diff (and going nowhere!). No, it's not talented like a real rally unit, but superior to the street norm.

Super strong 9310 alloy steel gears are enclosed in case-hardened steel bodies held together with ARP® fasteners. All Wavetrac differentials include a transferable, Limited Lifetime Warranty. ARP Ring gear bolts included.
VW 02E DQ250 differential installation

6 Quarts of DSG oil recommended.

Wavetrac 02E DQ250 limited slip differential
Note: There have been two styles of toothed ring used in the DSG over the years. This later type features 25 teeth. (Early variants have 20 teeth.) Before fitting the Wavetrac, verify that it has the matching toothed ring as your original differential. COUNT! Do not install anything (bearings, ring gear, etc.) on the Wavetrac® before verifying what you own.

Note2: Wavetrac 10.309.187WK


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  • Model: WTRAC02E187
  • Manufactured by: WAVETRAC

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