Dizzy Gizzy (1.8L 8V)

GET RID of that stupid 1980s dinosaur tech distributor. Yank, switch to crank triggering + coil packs, and replace with these trick internal bits.

BBM Dizzy Gizzy 226888717 parts

Dizzy Gizzy 226888717, US Rally Team

The Dizzy Gizzy 8V connects all the important interal parts that the distributor touches. Thus, you may retain the oil pump and intermediate shaft!

Dizzy Gizzy 8V installed dDistributor gear 226888717, USRT

VW's 8v engines mount the distributor in the engine block and drive it via the intermediate shaft. This shaft is driven off a crank pulley via belt. Thus, the distributor itself is indirectly driven. Whereas, the 16v mounts the distributor to the side of the head and attaches directly to the exhaust camshaft. This eliminates the errors and risk of belt drive for more accurate ignition control. -especially at high-rpms.

BBM VW 16V Dizzy gear 226888717

When a block-mounted distributor is removed, the geared connection between intermediate shaft and the oil pump is eliminated. The Dizzy Gizzy mimics the VW's original solution but with one key difference. It is compatible with an 8v gas engine's flat blade oil pump. Whereas, the 16v used a splined oil pump ( similar to the diesels). Furthermore, the Dizzy Gizzy is offered in two bolt-on styles: 1.8L (small block hole) and 2.0L (large hole).


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