Motor/Trans Mount Combo (MK1 RALLY)

-a competition-grade motor and trans mount set that fits all positions on the original '79-'93 water (A1) cooled chassis. Enjoy much sharpened response but without aggravation.

War Pig USRT Mk1 Golf GTI rally car (1999)

This set offers great control at the limit of grip. -very helpful when sliding sideways at 80mph in the forests or when clipping apexes at road course speed. In fact, this is exactly what USRT used when campaigning the "War Pig", our famous Mk1 rally car of years past. A championship trophy was won with this little beast.

MK1 VW RALLY rubber motor mounts 199_150R

Our hard rubber kit includes: RALLY Front mount, HD Right Side Mount, RALLY Rear Trans Mount, and HD Left Side Mount for much improved torque modulation. -sensitivity, reflexes, and balance but with that last bit of refinement maintained.

"War Pig" USRT Golf GTI rally car (2000)

This package is as aggressive as most prefer on the street. It's also as soft as what works great at the road race track. -far easier on the chassis than rigid metal mounts and less buzzy than polyurethane.


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  • Model: MNTMK1R199150R
  • Manufactured by: Techtonics Tuning

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