Nozzle Holder (3/16 elbow)

  • Model: WAIHOLD316
  • Manufactured by: US Rally Team


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On the edge, you seek extra CONTROL. That's done by minimizing internal capacity with small diameter 3/16" Teflon nozzle connection hose (4.75mm). No more dull response, keeping it less = much more.

Holder bodies are anodized for to withstand methanol's corrosive chemistry. Compression fittings are 304 stainless. These are ideal for spraying from multiple locations with SUPER-CRISP RESPONSE.

nozzle holder compression fitting

Some nozzles are tall. Some are short format. These hold all with 1/8" NPT threads.

With these quick connect fittings, the tubing is clamped from the outside AND also the inside. -sandwiched between stainless steel nipple and compression nut. Messy and dangerous leaks are ELIMINATED.

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