Twin Turbo Spray Pack

You've got twin chargers and want to spray immediatly after or into them for cooling gains? These bits do the plumbing job with 3/16" Teflon line for fastest pressurization/best control accuracy.

USRT twin turbo plumbing kit

Kit includes:
check valve w/15psi crack pressure
1 stainless steel tee
1 stainless steel inlet compression fitting for 1/4" tubing
2 stainless steel compression outlet fittings for 3/16" tubing
2 nozzle holders w/compression fittings for 3/16" tubing
6' (1.83m) of 3/16" Teflon tubing

USRT water methanol injection twin turbo

P.S. Find nozzles here. A solenoid is outright critical for pre-compressor spraying but may or may not be required for post-turbo implementation. Weld-on nozzle bungs are located here. Or, for mounting in a soft silicone coupler, use a convenient Nozzle Mounting Adapter.


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  • Model: WAITWINT
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