GAUGE Filtered Outlet

Set pump pressure the easy way with this 3/8" x 4AN elbow/filter/GAUGE outlet combo. It works with either the usual 1/4" (6.35mm) Nylon hose OR with 4AN. -your choice. The liquid-filled gauge reads up to 300psi and the cleanable mesh filter is 80-micron.
USRT water meth FAILSAFE Pump Outlet with sensor

Those running heavy methanol concentrations (e.g. 30/70) should be especially interested in AN plumbing. Remember, this is the critical pressurized side. Plumbing must be taken very seriously. Here's your basis for long-term success.

USRT water/meth FAILSAFE Pump Outlet Kit 4AN

Alternatively, you may consider our FAILSAFE Filtered Outlet which sends pressure data to your ECU or advanced WMI controller. Either way, you're tuning.


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