Street Tank (2.25gal/8.5L)

  • Model: DOTNK4007


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Our Street Tank features a built in sump and fluid control baffle, just like it's 2.25gal (8.5L) Race Tank brother. Both ensure that the pickup will remain covered by fluid even during spririted driving. And, both tanks mount a water/meth pump, too! -convenience plus elite function.

water meth street tank pump gauge combination with 3/8 inlet system
Design note: DEEP THIRST Inlet and GAUGE Filted Oulet demonstrated in above photo.

The tank volume may be depleted to approximately 1 quart  before pickup can be uncovered. Made with 1/4" thick HDPE, this product is constructed from the same material as fuel cells. Dimensions are 13.5" x 8" x 8.5"  for convenient trunk placement. Aluminum mounting straps and hardware are included at no extra cost.

This tank features a standard screw top. It may be used with any water/alcohol mixture. In fact, it's 100% methanol compatible. Vented cap and mounting straps are included. This tank does not come with an outlet fitting.

Design note2: Flow Control Solenoid urgently recommended for mounting reservoir in trunk. Park down hill and the tank will sit higher than the nozzle. Without something to block flow, the tank will drain into the engine.

water meth race tank mounted in trunk

Race Tank pictured above with our self sealing Tank Tap and Tank Level Switches installed. (Use our 3/8" DEEP THIRST Inlet for increased flow potential.) Pump can be mounted either on the tank or below deck. A lower mounting position ensures that the tank can be depleted below 1 quart (.95 liter) without gulping air and losing prime.

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