Black Braided Hose (6AN)

Black braided 6AN hose is the lightweight and modern version of the stainless steel stuff that you're used to. Easy to work with and maintain, it won't cut your hands to bloody pieces! It will take the heat and pressure of a racing engine, however. Product is priced per foot. Take as much as you need plus a bit more to be sure.

Black Braided Nylon Hose (6AN)

Note: This is the most popular fuel line size around. -enough make transmission grenading power several times over. Thus, more is simply not practical to consider unless running mega-power with alcohol fuel. In such case, 8AN might be the ticket.

Note2: USRT regularly uses 6AN line to FEED water/methanol injection pumps. With 50/50 mixture, a 3/8 inlet system is quite adequate. However, for heavy methanol usage, safety cannot be compromised. The answer is AN hose and fittings.


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  • Model: WAI6ANHOSE/11966
  • Manufactured by: US Rally Team

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