FAILSAFE Filtered Outlet

"WATCH IT!" Much is at risk. Output pressure must not drop or spike during heavy engine load. Supply clean fluid and send pressure data to your advanced controller. Do all that with this kit set up for either the usual 1/4" (6.35mm) Nylon hose or 4AN. The package combines a 3/8" x 4AN elbow, 80-micron filter, and 300psi FAILSAFE Sensor.

USRT WMI failsafe pump outlet  + sensor

Remember, this is the critical pressurized side. Leaks are avoided via use of quality 4AN and compression fittings. With flammable methanol-heavy concentrations (e.g. 30/70), this is to be taken very seriously.

USRT water/meth FAILSAFE sensor outlet

Note: There is no single "perfect" failsafe sensor type. For example, a flow sensor may reliably inform a controller how much fluid is passing through the system. However, it doesn't know if it's emptying onto the ground or supplying the engine as intended. Also, bouncing water pressures make flow sensor calibration very tricky.

The flow sensor is arguably superior for initial tuning. Whereas pressure sensors confirm that a system is overall "whole". They are smartly paired when using a full standalone ECU with available input channels.


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