Coil On Plug (COP) kit: 16V

This kit has traditionally combined 4x Audi R8 "red top" COPs (coil on plug) with 4x semi-assembled wiring connectors. Now they're available in black, too. (Some go farther speaking quietly while carrying a big stick.)

Genesis VW/AUDI COP (black)
The builder is responsible for integrating flying leads into a finished wiring harness, trimming rubber boots (or modifying valve cover), etc.

VW 16V coil on plug upgrade (USRT)

Coils shown installed along with the VW 16V "EVO" Trigger Adapter.

VW/AUDI COP wiring connectors

Genesis 16V VW COP upgrade (USRT)

Why convert to COPs, in the first place? A coil for each cylinder reduces coil charging time and allows for stronger spark output. This is especially important at high revs when a single coil may not have time to adequately charge. It's critical for avoiding misfires under big boost, too. Fully modern, igniters are built into these coils, enabling direct switching by the ECU. Lastly, spark plug wires are eliminated from the engine bay. This means less electro-magnetic interference in the engine bay. -interference that can vex an ECU and frustrate tuning.

Cleaner looks don't hurt, either! So, we also offer black COP Looms and red COP Looms to discretely contain everything:

VW 16V + 20V COP looms (black, red)

Genesis VW 16V COP black (USRT)

USRT custom ECU wiring harness USRT custom injector wiring harness

Bosch R8 COP wiring diagram

VW 16V carbs + distributor

VW 16V + cam trigger, COP ignition

R8 COP ignition on VW 16vT


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  • Model: IGNTNCOP16V
  • Manufactured by: Genesis

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