R8 16V COP pre-kit

  • Model: IGNTNCOP16V
  • Manufactured by: US Rally Team


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This kit combines 4x Audi R8 "red top" COPs (coil on plug) with 4x semi-assembled wiring connectors. The builder is responsible for integrating the flying leads into a finished wiring harness, trimming rubber boots, etc. A near plug n' play kit will be released at a later date.

So, why convert top COPs, in the first place? A coil for each cylinder reduces coil charging time, allowing for stronger spark output especially at high revs when a single coil may not have time to adequately charge. Secondly, it removes spark plug wires from my engine bay. This means less electro-magnetic interference in the engine bay. This can cause interference that vexes an ECU.

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