Dizzy Gizzy (ABA 8V)

Retain the ABA 2.0l 8v oil pump intermediate shaft and oil pump! Save yourself much time, labor and expense when swapping the 8v head for a better-breathing 16v. The Dizzy Gizzy utilizes the stock hardened oil pump drive shaft. EASY!

Don't forget, you will also need the Intermediate Shaft Conversion Sprocket and our special-length Timing Belt to complete this drive set up. Also consider our Bosch cam trigger or "EVO" cam trigger to replace your distributor altogether!

Dizzy Gizzy

Note: The kit not include a stock drive gear. This is to be removed from the factory ABA distributor and reinstalled onto the Dizzy Gizzy.


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  • Model: 226888717
  • Manufactured by: BBM

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