MK2 2.5L Engine Swap Kit (07K)

  • Model: 29-2500
  • Manufactured by: Fabless Manufacturing

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The first Bolt In 2.5L 07K Engine Swap Kit for the VW MK2!


  • Bolt In – No cutting required!
  • Works with MK2 and MK3 subframe
  • MK2 and MK3 widetrack compatible.
  • Factory AC Compressor Fits
  • No oil filter relocation kit needed! Fits with factory oil filter
  • C-shaped up rights on Tubular Front Cross Bar to provide clearance for tubing (see last photo)
  • Accessory bar attachment on Tubular Front Cross Bar for easier fitment of aftermarket accessories
  • MK3 VR6 Radiator Bolts into MK2 rad support
  • Jack up your car from the front center with our Poly Jack Pad add on
  • Awesome ground clearance

What's Included

  • 2.5L 07K Block Mount with Polyurethane Bushing
  • 2.5L 07K Transmission mount with polyurethane bushing
  • 07K Specific Tubular Front Cross Bar
  • 2.5L 07K Front Engine Mount with Polyurethane bushing
  • Accessory Bar Attachment on Tubular Front Cross Bar
    • This bar wasn’t designed to bolt anything specific, but simply provides a bolting surface so the front bar doesn’t require modification.
  • Custom plated Zinc mounting hardware
  • Passenger and Drivers Side Axles with CV Joints (MK2 width)
  • Upper Radiator Mounting Tabs with grommets and radiator rubber mounts


  • Select Your Subframe – We’ve included this option as many MK2’s have already been swapped with a MK3 VR6 subframe and finding a MK2 factory subframe to put back in can be a challenge. We’ve made it easier, now just tell us which subframe you have and we will send the mounts that fit!
  • Select Your Axles – This option lets you chose if you want to keep your MK2 width wheel base or go MK3 wide track!
  • Select Your Spindles – Although keeping your factory 4 bolt spindles is perfectly fine, with an upgraded engine, many owners decide to swap their spindles to 5-bolt. Tell us what spindles you will be using with the swap and we will send the right over CV joints to match!

Note: With 4-bolt spindles your factory or Fabless MK2 control arms will bolt right in. With 5-bolt spindles and mk2 width axles – trying to modify your factory MK2 control arms to accept a different ball joint is challenging, but lucky for you we provide Tubular Control Arms specifically for this application. Add your MK2 Tubular Control Arms with the MK3 VR6 Spindle Option to your order available in both Heim Joint or Poly Bushing.

  • Add Radiator? – This option adds the MK3 VR6 Radiator to your order.
  • Add Poly Jack Pad? – This adds the polyurethane jack pad to your order. The jack pad fits into a cutout on the bottom side of the front cross bar to protect the bar from the jack. If you intend to use the jack point integrated into the front of the bar, this option is recommended.
  • All VW MK2 Golf/Jetta
  • Bolts directly to the MK2 or MK3 K-Frame


  • 2.5L 07K Engine – MK5 Golf/Rabbit, 2.5L Beetle
  • 02A or 02J 5 speed transmission (100mm cups)


  • MK2 factory 4-bolt Spindles
  • MK3 VR6 5-bolt Spindles

Select the spindles you have in the drop down above. This selection changes the outer CV joints that come on the shafts but still maintains MK2 width.

MK3 VR6 Radiator (North American) in the MK2 Rad Support

Everything needed to bolt the rad in is included. The MK3 VR6 radiator can be added as an optional add on to your order.

Slim fans are recommended. Our aluminum fan shroud will be coming soon.

Other Compatible Products:
Hydraulic Clutch Conversion Kit – With this swap you’ll need to convert your clutch to Hydraulic! Why not grab our Hydraulic Clutch Conversion Kit for the MK2? It bolts onto the MK2 pedal assembly and requires no cutting.

Tubular Front Control Arms  – With an upgraded engine you may also want to consider upgrading your control arms. Our Tubular Control Arms are stiffer and provide better steering response than factory control arms. They are available in Heim Joint or Poly Bushing. You’ll notice both control arms have a spindle option – be sure to select the same spindle option as the Engine Swap Kit to ensure compatibility.

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