Adjustable Race Swaybar Endlinks (4Motion rear)

  • Manufactured by: Gruven


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Stiffer endlinks instantly transmit the roll stiffness that bigger anti-roll bars provide. Skinny stock links bend and bind as the car leans over during cornering. This lessens and constantly varies the amount of roll resistance provided. -a confidence sapping problem for the hardcore driver. When steering angle is reversed, stock endlinks abrubply unload their energy and bounce back to straight position. Boiiinngg... This completely upsets handling balance. Don't take it for granted. Take action.

These links are length adjustable. So, anti-roll bars can be setup with any amount of preload desired. Bar geometry is also corrected on lowered cars eliminating common binding, clunks, and rattles. Replace your car's links and completely transform slalom performance. Look forward to steady state handlng that's predictable and linear vs. "surprising" at the limit of grip.

Materials are FORGED high-strength steel lower urethane bushing ends with rolled (not cut!) threads, and high strength fully sealed upper tie rod ends. The center bodies are custom machined from STAINLESS hex in house and then powder coated beautiful gloss black or jazz blue.

These come ready to install and are pre-greased with special polyurethane grease and lock nut on the top joint. Please re-use your existing lower OEM bolt when installing these adjustable units.

Sold in sets of 2 (to complete one vehicle), this product fits Audi TT (2001-2006), Audi A3/S3, VW MKIV R32 (2004), Golf 4motion and 4motion Variant, VW Bora 4motion and 4motion Variant and replaces OEM linkage P/N 1J0505466B.

Note: When installting these endlinks, please tighten the upper M10 jam nut to the rod end itself.Tighten the lower 5/8 jam nut to the center body. Please call or email if this is unclear.

The choice is yours. Rear endlinks are available in both blue and black.

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